We can assist you in developing, deploying, automating and conducting a review of your Compliance, AML/KYC and Corporate Governance structure and implementation.

Our solutions include:

Strategy Development
AML & KYC strategy
Compliance strategy
Corporate Governance strategy

Framework Development & Deployment
Organisation structure design
Policies procedures (covering AML, KYC, compliance, corporate governance)
Procedure for above policies
Forms, typologies & other enablers

Automation & implementation
AML/KYC solutions
Compliance Management Solutions
Corporate governance automation tools

Classroom based & customised
Typologies & case studies
E-learning portal
Test questionnaires

Audit & Review
AML/KYC compliance
Compliance review
High risk accounts review & support

Our team includes bankers with deep insight and experience in the relevant fields who not only adopt a practical approach to ensure you comply with regulatory obligations but also create business value by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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